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Transit, Housing & Transportation

Transit, Housing, & Transportation

The Transit, Housing, and Transportation Bureaus, which police the subway, the public housing developments, and the city's roadways, respectively, are an integral part of the NYPD's mission to enhance New Yorkers' quality of life and to protect the lives and property of all its residents, workers, and visitors.

In 1995, the NYC Transit Police and the NYC Housing Authority Police, which had been independent police departments, merged with the New York City Police Department, consolidating functions and establishing a more efficient and better coordinated police agency. The Transit Bureau polices the city's vast transit system, which carries as many as six million passengers a day. The Housing Bureau maintains order and safety in the city’s public housing developments, home to more than 400,000 New Yorkers. The Transportation Bureau, established in 1997, oversees pedestrian and vehicular safety on the city’s highways and local streets.