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The NYPD investigative bureaus—the Detective Bureau, the Intelligence Bureau, the Counterterrorism Bureau, and the Internal Affairs Bureau—are among the premier investigative entities in the world. The Detective Bureau conducts a huge number of cases each year that range from solving homicides and serious assaults, investigating robbery and burglary patterns, reducing organized auto theft, locating and apprehending suspects, dismantling narcotics operations, breaking up gang and crew activity, and rooting out corruption.

The Intelligence and Counterterrorism Bureaus work together to protect the city from terrorist attacks, investigating and evaluating every lead and piece of intelligence that may indicate a threat. The Counterterrorism Bureau includes units like the Critical Response Command, which is operational rather than investigative, and works seamlessly with investigative components to provide highly trained, highly equipped response capability in the event of an attack.

The Internal Affairs Bureau polices the police. It is charged with rooting out police corruption and serious misconduct. IAB receives complaints from the public and NYPD service members by telephone, email, mail, and a non-recorded anonymous tip line. Allegations of corruption can also be reported in person at any NYPD facility.

All NYPD investigators receive high-quality, specialized training in case management and investigative techniques, to help build the most solid cases possible for prosecutors.