What Is Affordable Housing Preservation?

Preserving affordable housing means making sure homes that are affordable now, stay affordable into the future. And in the midst of a housing crisis that is pricing New Yorkers out of their neighborhoods, it's one of our best tools to keep people in their homes. Preservation has always been at the heart of HPD's work. Our efforts to preserve affordable housing include working with non-profits to acquire buildings and maintain affordability, providing tax exemptions and homeowner repair loans, energy-efficiency updates, and more. Learn more about HPD's Preservation programs.

As of March 1, 2023, HPD Preservation projects are now subject to HPD’s Preservation Design Guidelines for Moderate Rehabilitation and HPD’s Preservation Design Guidelines for Substantial and Gut Rehabilitation projects. In addition to reducing emissions, the Guidelines will ensure that projects reduce energy costs for residents, improve indoor air quality, and increase residents’ health, safety and comfort. Learn more about the Guidelines and how to integrate them into your projects.