Being healthy means more than just exercising and eating right. The Young Men's Initiative is addressing all of the factors that can affect a young man's health. The programs and policies in the Young Men's Initiative also help men and boys access sexual reproductive health services and become a better parent.

Sex Education
New York City now requires that all public middle and high schools teach sex education. Sexual health education lessons are important because we have a responsibility to provide our students with accurate information and communication skills to help them make decisions that can keep them healthy and safe. The Department of Education, working with health experts and local community boards, has created an age-appropriate curriculum for schools to use. Partners can get their families off to a healthy start by waiting until they are both ready to become parents.
Read Chancellor Walcott’s Letter to Parents
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Teen Friendly Best Practices
It is important that teens feel comfortable visiting their doctor. YMI has teamed up with hospitals and young people from all around the City to learn how to encourage teens to see their doctors, and we’ve established a standard that we expect all clinics to follow to become teen friendly.

Teens in NYC: DoHMH
The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene have created a website with videos and materials as it relates to dealing with peer pressure, bullying, dating violence, depression, and anger. DoHMH also seeks to connect Teens in NYC with services in pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infections, and LGBTQ services. Below you’ll find two videos from their website.

Joseph’s Story

Teens in NYC App Trailer

Increased Access to Family Planning Benefit Program
The Family Planning Benefit Program helps teens get the reproductive health care services they need. YMI is making it easier for teens to use this program by establishing teen-friendly clinics and providing incentives for participants.
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Center for Teen Health Program
The Health and Hospitals Corporation will better train health care practitioners and revamp its clinics to better handle the needs of young people. As part of YMI, HHC will:

  • Maintain, promote and improve overall health of young people
  • Focus on reproductive health
  • Offer men-only clinic hours
  • Create clinics that are more male-friendly by creating physical spaces that appeal to boys and by training practitioners to work specifically with the male black and Latino population

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Adolescent Preventive Services
YMI is working to keep families together and keep more teens out of foster homes. Making more programs and services available to the whole family at home is the first step towards reaching this goal.

NYC Dads
Every dad has incredible power to shape his child's life, no matter how old he is himself. NYC Dads helps all fathers be responsible parents. NYC Dads also holds events to honor outstanding fathers.
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CUNY Fatherhood Academy
YMI and CUNY have teamed up to start a new program to help dads finish school and plan for college. The CUNY Fatherhood Academy is a men-only program that provides fathers with:

  • Parenting classes
  • English and math classes and GED prep
  • Job training

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NYC Cure Violence
In 2012 NYC had the lowest number of murders in decades, but some of our neighborhoods are still plagued by cycles of violence. NYC Cure Violence is based on a Chicago program that helped communities break these cycles and connect at-risk young people with supportive services. NYC Cure Violence is fielding outreach workers and violence interrupters in five neighborhoods around the City: the South Bronx, South Jamaica, Crown Heights, East New York, and Central Harlem.
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