New York City Housing Authority

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NYCHA Alphabetical Site Index


21 City and State Developments 
311 Citizens Service Center

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Accommodations for People with Disabilities
Activities for Seniors
Address Guide (PDF)
Affordable Housing Resources – Link to
Agency Report
Annual Holiday Show
Annual Plan
Apartments for New Yorkers with Disabilities
Applying for Public Housing
Art Programs
ATTAIN Computer Labs
Available Section 8 Apartments by Borough
Available Store Properties
Awards Archives

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Block and Lot Guide (PDF)
Board Meeting Schedule
Board Members
Borough Applications Offices
Borough Management Offices for NYCHA Residents
Budget and Financial Plan
Business Development Assistance

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Calendar of Events
Capital Report
Customer Contact Center
Chairman’s Message
Chinese Website Summary
Community Center Directory
Community Programs & Services
Community Service
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (PDF)
Comprehensive Senior Community Wellness Program
Construction and Apprenticeship Opportunities
Construction Management/Build, (CM/Build) Program
Construction/Architecture/Engineering Maintenance & Repair
Contact NYCHA

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Development Data Book
Development Guide (PDF)
Development Namesakes
Doing Business with NYCHA
Domestic Violence Programs

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Economic Opportunities for Residents (REES)
Education Programs
Education Through Sports Day 
Elderly Safe-At-Home Program 
Eligibility for Public Housing 
Eligibility Interview for Public Housing 
Emergencies, After Hours 
Emergency Maintenance Repairs
Emergency Preparedness 
Emergency Transfer Program 
Employee/Job Applicant Discrimination Complaint Form (PDF)
ePayment System
Equal Opportunity for Public Housing Residents/Applicants
Español Website Summary 

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Fact Sheet
Fair Housing Non-Discrimination Policy (PDF) 
Family Self-Sufficiency Program 
Federalization  (Mixed Finance Modernization)         
Fight Fraud 
Filming Permits
Fire Safety 
First Houses Photo Gallery
Flag Football 
Flat Rent Schedule 
Français Website Summary 
Free or Low Cost Health Insurance 
Freedom of Information (FOIL)
Frequently Asked Questions from Section 8 Applicants 
Frequently Asked Questions from Public Housing Applicants
Frequently Asked Questions from Section 8 Tenants 
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher Program)
Furniture Distribution Program

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Garden Program 
Garden Photo Gallery
Gateway Overnight Camping Program
Glossary of Terms for Property Directory 
Goods and Materials Procurement Opportunities
Guía para la vivienda de Sección 8 – Spanish (PDF) 
Guide to Applying for Public Housing (English) (PDF) 
Guide to Applying for Public Housing (Spanish) (PDF)
Guidelines for Commercial Brokers

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Health Matters
Health Services 
HealthSTAT Program
Historical Information on NYCHA 
Hotline Numbers for Section 8 Landlords
Housing Application Offices 
Housing Assistance for Relocation and Transitional Services (HARTS)
Housing Assistance Scams (PDF)
How to Pay Rent 
Human Resources Department

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I Have a Dream (IHAD)
Immunization Outreach Program
Income Limits for Public Housing 
Information for Section 8 Landlords
Information for Section 8 Tenants 
Information Technology Procurement Opportunities 
Inspector General
IRS Form W-9

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Job Opportunities at NYCHA (Current, Seasonal)

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Karate/Tai Chi 
Kids Walk
Kreyòl ayisyen Website Summary

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LaGuardia Archives 
Law Department
Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute Scholarship
Lockbox Unit

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Maintenance Requests 
Media Inquiries
Miscellaneous Procurement Opportunities
Mixed-Finance Modernization
Music Programs 
Minority, Women and Small Business Enterprises (MWSBE) 
Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC)
Need Based Preference
New York City Early Literacy Learning (NYCELL)
News, Events and Publications
Noteworthy: News from Residents’ Corner
NYCHA at 70
NYCHA's 75th Anniversary
NYCHA Employee Bulletin
NYCHA Housing Developments
NYCHA Journal
NYCHA Print Shop

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Online Landlord Briefing, Section 8
Online Rent Payment
Organizational Chart of NYCHA Departments and Board (PDF)

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Partners in Reading (PIR)
Performing Arts
Pet Policy
Plan to Preserve Public Housing
Policies and Procedures for NYCHA Residents
Political Districts Guide (PDF)
Press Releases
Prevailing Wage Complaint Form
Prevailing Wage Initiative
Priority Codes for Public Housing
Procurement Opportunities
Professional Services Procurement Opportunities
Property Directory
Property Directory Glossary of Terms (PDF)
Proposed Rent Calculator 
Proposed Rent Schedule (PDF)
Public housing developments

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Real Journeys
Reasonable Accommodations Request Form
Reasonable Accommodations for Employees and Job Applicants
Recreation Programs
Register as a Section 8 Landlord
Repairs for NYCHA Residents
Report Fraud
Request for Development Proposals and Sale of Property
Resident Art Show
Resident Associations
Resident Employment Services
Resident Handbook, “A Home to be Proud of”
Resident Services Procurement Opportunities
Resident/Applicant Discrimination Complaint Form (PDF)
Residents’ Corner
Residents' Corner Resources
Residents’ Grievance Procedure
Resident Training and Education
Russian Website Summary

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Safe Horizon Service, Hotline and Offices
Sample Application for Project Apartment (PDF)
Section 3/Resident Employment Program
Section 8 Assistance
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program (PDF)
Section 8 Inspection Standards for Landlords (PDF)
Section 8 Landlord Briefings and RSVP Registration (PDF)
Section 8 Landlord Extranet
Section 8 Landlord Forms
Section 8 Offices
Section 8 Ownership Changes (PDF)
Section 8 Priority Codes
Section 8 Re-inspections (PDF)
Senior Center Directory  
Senior Chess Program
Senior Chorus
Senior Companion Program
Senior Festival
Senior Services  
Small Business Links
Social Services
Sports Programs  
Staten Island Outreach Program (PDF)
Store Leasing
Store Leasing Application Package
Summer Carnival
Summer Fishing Contest
Supportive Outreach Services (SOS)
Symphony Orchestra

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Talent Search Competition/Talent Show
Technology Essentials at Community Housing (TEACH)
Teen Musical Theater Program  
Tenant Patrols
Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program
Timeline of Public Housing
Track & Field
Trespass Policy (PDF)

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Upfront Income Verification

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Vendor Events
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
Visual Arts 

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What’s Happening: Events and News for NYCHA Residents
Window Guard Policy
Witness Relocation Program
Workforce 1
Working Family Preference

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Youth Chorus

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