HRA Pilots New, Easy Method for Submitting Documents in a SNAP Application
HRA is piloting a new, easy way for clients to submit the documents required for Food Stamps applications. 

HRA’s Hosts Job Fair for Retail, Security, and Food Service

HRA job fairs offer NYC public assistance clients a chance to find a new direction.

Commissioner Banks Discusses Agency Reforms on NBC
An investigative piece by NBC explains HRA reforms recently announced by Commissioner Banks aimed at preventing homelessness and effectively helping clients towards employment while avoiding potential financial penalties for the City. 
Office of Child Support Enforcement Manhattan Outreach Event
Work with children and families?  Find out more about the upcoming child support outreach event.
Employees in NYC Can Start Using Paid Sick Leave July 30
NYC’s Paid Sick Leave Law guarantees more than 1 million employees, including those at nonprofits and small businesses, the right to take sick leave to care for themselves or a relative.
Commissioner Banks on NY-1
Commissioner Banks was a guest on Inside City Hall to discuss reforms aimed at improving delivery of assistance, benefits and employment services for low-income families and individuals.
Mayor de Blasio Signs Municipal ID Cards Legislation
The legislation paves the way for the creation of a municipal ID for all residents of the five boroughs who meet the program's proof of identity and city residency requirements.
HRA Commissioner announces Poverty Fighting Reforms
At City Council Hearing, Commissioner  Steve Banks announced nearly two dozen reforms to reduce the number of New Yorkers living in poverty.