Art Installations at Summer Streets

Voice Tunnel by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Voice Tunnel was an interactive light and sound installation by Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, transformed the 1,400 foot long Park Avenue Tunnel with 300 theatrical spotlights that produce glimmering arches of light along the tunnel’s walls and ceiling. Participants were able to influence the intensity of each light by speaking into a special intercom at the tunnel’s center which records their voice and loops it. Louder speech increased the lights’ brightness proportionally, creating a Morse-like code of flashes throughout the tunnel. The individual voices were heard as pedestrians walked through the tunnel, on 150 loudspeakers, one beside each light arch and synchronized with it.

Download a fact sheet on Voice Tunnel (pdf)

The Course of Emotions: a mini-golf experience by Risa Puno

The Course of Emotions: a mini-golf experience was an interactive art installation that translated everyday feelings into 9 holes of playable fun. Players putted through a range of emotional obstacles, like the seesaw platform of Insecurity and the par-40 Frustration maze, in order to get to Relief at the end.

The Course of Emotions is located at the Uptown Rest Stop Download a fact sheet on The Course of Emotions (pdf)

CoolStop by Chat Travieso

CoolStop was a prototype water mister that connected to fire hydrants and provided a safe, efficient and fun alternative to cool off by a hydrant.

CoolStop is located at the Foley Square Rest Stop Download a fact sheet on CoolStop (pdf)

Art Within One Mile by Bundith Phunsombatlert

Art Within One Mile was a site-specific installation that invited the public to embark on a self-guided art adventure along the Summer Streets route. Through small art signs and maps, Summer Streets participants navigated the streets to discover permanent and temporary public artwork within one mile of the route. View an interactive map on Art Within One Mile Download a fact sheet on Art Within One Mile (pdf) Download a printable map on Art Within One Mile (pdf)