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Truck Route Management and Community Impact Reduction Study

Since 2003, DOT has been engaged in the Truck Route Management and Community Impact Reduction Study. This consultant-led study by the engineering firm Edwards and Kelcey Engineers seeks to coordinate engineering, education, information and enforcement efforts to mitigate the negative impacts relating to truck traffic, as well as improve the overall truck management framework that exists in the City of New York.

Detailed findings and recommendations that were developed as a result of this study are presented in the following five final Technical Memorandums.

Technical Memorandum 1 - Traffic Policies and Regulations (pdf) presents an overview of the City's current policies related to truck routing on the City's streets. This document reviews the existing policies, regulations and enforcement strategies as they relate to current and future goods movement needs in the City and provides a series of recommendations to meet these needs.

Technical Memorandum 2 - Routing Analysis presents a compilation of data and the analysis performed on the Truck Route Network. It contains an assessment of localized issues and truck routing concerns on an individual Borough basis. Section 1: Introduction and Methodology (pdf) Section 2: Bronx Truck Route Network Analysis (pdf) Section 3: Brooklyn Truck Route Network Analysis (part one, part two) Section 4: Manhattan Truck Route Network Analysis (part one, part two) Section 5: Queens Truck Route Network Analysis (part one, part two, part three, part four) Section 6: Staten Island Truck Route Network Analysis (part one, part two)

Technical Memorandum 3 - Signage Program (pdf) contains a comprehensive assessment of the City's truck sign program and recommended improvements for signage. The plan includes new standards for signage and improved signage along the Truck Route Network.

Technical Memorandum 4 - Education Program (pdf) provides a comprehensive program of initiatives to develop a self-enforcing truck route program. The results of the public outreach efforts have indicated that the identified stakeholder groups have varying levels of knowledge concerning existing regulations and policies. An education program is outlined to both elevate this level of understanding and provide for a higher level of voluntary adherence to the regulations and policies.

Technical Memorandum 5 - Community Outreach (pdf) is a compilation of all outreach initiatives with stakeholders including the general public, local businesses, trucking associations, freight carriers and City and State transportation agencies. It includes: results of the survey responses from the various stakeholder groups (public, businesses and transportation freight industry); minutes of the Borough meetings and technical advisory committee meetings; and correspondence received on truck route issues. This document has been updated to reflect the final round of community meetings.

Since the release of the Draft Truck Route Management and Community Impact Reduction Study in May of 2006, DOT has worked to advance several of the primary short-term recommendations put forth by our consultant and outlined in the five Technical Memorandums. This document provides a summary of the measures implemented by the agency concurrent with the completion of the Study. Implementation Update Report (pdf) Executive Summary (pdf)