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GIS Center

Online Geographic Data Resources

GIS Center The Geographical Information System (GIS) Center is a collaborative unit at the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene established to develop and support the mapping and geographical analysis capabilities of the Agency. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide a way to investigate health-related information through maps and spatial analysis.   The GIS Center employs a number of products for geographic analysis including ESRI’s ArcGIS (and assorted extensions), Google Earth, SaTScan, FleXScan, GeoDa, and R.

The mission statement of the GIS Center is “To provide centralized support and management of GIS activities at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYC DOHMH) through the provision of services, best practices, research, and infrastructure”.

The GIS Center can be reached via e-mail at


About The GIS Center

GIS Working Group & Liaison Activities

The GIS Working Group (GISWG) is comprised of GIS practitioners throughout the agency.  The GISWG provides feedback, input and support for the GIS Center’s initiatives.  GISWG meetings are held the first Friday of every month to discuss GIS activities at DOHMH, provide information on services and support, and periodically offer training seminars.

The GIS Center serves as the DOHMH liaison for the NYC Office of Emergency Management’s Public Safety GIS Data Development Center and other New York City inter-agency GIS groups.

Roles and Responsibilities

There are three core components to the GIS Center.  They are the result of collaborative efforts between the Bureau of Epi Services, Division of Epidemiology, and the Division of Informatics and Information Technology (DIIT), responsible for funding GIS Center staff.  The three core components are:

  1. GIS Administration & Maintenance
  2. Spatial Analysis Research and Methods
  3. GIS Services and Best Practices


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