ACRIS Release 3.0

October 20, 2006 (ACRIS Release 3.0.3)

UCC Addendums

  • Previously, when filing a UCC Coop Addendum, it extended the UCC chain fifty years from the date the Coop Addendum was recorded. Changes have been made so that the expiration dates of UCC Coop Addendums extend the life of the UCC chain fifty years from the initial filing which conforms to current UCC law. Additionally, all UCC Cooperative Addendums filed since 1/6/2003 will be programmatically examined to make sure that expirations are also set to extend the life of the UCC chain fifty years from the initial UCC filing date.

Cover Page

  • Information on City Register mailing addresses and office locations are now available when clicking on "Help" from the ACRIS Cover Page application.
  • The cover page has been enhanced to include the NYC Real Property Tax amount along with the filing fee. Additionally, the Recording Fee and the Affidavit Fee have been moved to the lower left corner of the cover page.

Tax Forms

  • Previously when a customer entered $0.00 for the sale price on the RP-5217, the $0.00 did not display on the printed form.  The form now displays $0.00 as the sale price if that amount is entered on the RP-5217.

ACRIS Jump Page

  • Users entering the ACRIS Website from a bookmark will automatically be taken to the ACRIS Jump Page where they can find new information from the City Register concerning changes in laws that affect Cover Pages, Tax Forms, UCCs and other documents, ACRIS enhancements, new modules, maintenance dates when the system is unavailable, and other ACRIS news.


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June 2, 2006
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Doc Search

  • Previously, clicking on the "Chain" link in the References section for UCC documents sometimes produced a blank screen instead of displaying the information.  Clicking on the "Chain" link will now display the requested information.
  • When filing a UCC Addendum, either together with the UCC1 or separately, choosing the new Coop Addendum type will set the expiration date to 50 years.  If an Initial Coop is filed without an Addendum, it will receive an expiration date of five years. 

Cover Page

  • Changes have been made on the Federal Lien-IRS Cover Page to reduce data entry errors when entering the FL Serial Number (SLID).  ACRIS will now validate that customers have entered a nine-character SLID in the "FL Serial Number (IRS#)(SLID)" entry field. Customers will also be required to re-enter the nine-character SLID a second time to ensure that it has been entered correctly.

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February 8, 2006 (ACRIS 3.0.1)
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Document Search

  • An error message is no longer generated when printing the index resulting from a document search by party name and specific borough.


  • The “Graduated Fee Schedule” link on the Credit Card screen now displays a table of the different credit card fees based on the payment amount.

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Cover Page

  • For UCC fixture filings, the partial lot indicator will automatically be set to "Partial Lot" for all properties, because UCC fixture filings must be filed against partial lots.
  • If the RETT is prepaid, the NYS Transfer Tax amount will appear in the Fees and Taxes area of the printed Cover Page, with a reference number and the text "PREPAID."

Document Search

  • Users can search records based on Property Borough or Recorded Borough for the following ACRIS searches: Party Name, Document Type, and File Number.
  • A Document Amount column will be added to the Document Search results screen.  This column will display the mortgage amount for mortgage type documents and the sales price from the RP-5217 or the consideration amount from the RETT for deed type documents.  For all other document types, the information in this column will be blank.

Electronic Payments

  • Users can elect to make electronic payments (via e-check or major credit card) for Cover Page transactions and Certified copies.
  • Users enrolled in Subscription Data Services (SDS - see below) are required to utilize electronic payments for all SDS activities.

E-Tax Forms

  • Property Owner's Registration Forms will no longer be completed using ACRIS E-Tax. Instead, E-Tax has added a link, which directs users to complete a Mailing Address form if correspondence is to be sent to an address other than the property address.
  • RPTT forms created prior to ACRIS 3.0 will still have Property Owner's Registration Form data associated with them. However, if an RPTT form is edited after ACRIS 3.0, the Property Owner’s Registration Form information will be removed.

Subscription Data Services (SDS)

  • Subscription Data Services is a Government-to-Business (G2B), fee-based service that allows subscribers to:
    - Submit UCC filings electronically in high volumes (1-999) – automated submissions using web services is available.
    - Download large volumes of indexes and images of recorded transactions automatically.

    Please note, pricing for Subscription Data Services is not yet finalized.

To coincide with the launch of ACRIS 3.0, the Department has developed an ACRIS Privacy Statement.

For more information on this service or any of the new services in ACRIS 3.0, please contact us.

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