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10-Hour OSHA Safety Class
Under  Local Law 41 of 2008, all workers at "major buildings" (as defined by the new Codes) are required to complete a 10-hour course in construction safety approved by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Effective July 1, 2009, site safety plans of major buildings must include a statement that all workers have completed this course. Visit OSHA's website to locate an authorized training facility and for information on how to become an authorized trainer.

Material Hoist Requirements
To protect workers and the public from the risk of material falling during hoisting operations, the Department is now requiring contractors to take certain safeguards during hoisting operations when using metal plates to bridge the gap between the hoist car door and the building floor. To learn more, view the Plates on Material Hoists  regulatory notice (43 kb).

Smoking Prohibited on all Construction Sites
The 2008 Building Code, effective July 1, 2008, requires contractors to maintain safe conditions at building sites and provides that construction operations affecting fire prevention comply with the New York City Fire Code. (See Building Code sections  3301.1.2 and  3303.7.) As per section 1404.1 of the new Fire Code, effective July 1, 2008, smoking on any construction (including demolition) site is strictly prohibited. To learn more, view the  regulatory notice (52 kb).

Maintenance Log Required for Scaffolds and Sheds
To ensure contractors are maintaining supported scaffolds and sidewalk sheds, the Department now requires these structures to be inspected daily with the results recorded in a maintenance log. This log must be readily available on-site at all times. In February, the Department launched its SAFE Scaffold & Shed Initiative to crackdown on unsafe, non-compliant supported scaffolds and sheds. To learn more about the new requirement, view the New Scaffold and Sidewalk Shed Maintenance Log Requirement  fact sheet (38 kb).

Standards for Private Road Lighting
Effective May 21, 2007, plans filed for the installation of "private roads," as defined in the Zoning Resolution, in any zoning district must meet new standards. These new requirements do not apply retroactively and will be applicable only to those applications for which plan approvals have not been issued for the installation of the private roads.
  Service Notice (28 kb)

Photoluminescent Markings & Signs Installation
Local Law 26 of 2004 (70 kb-pdf) required all high-rise office buildings to install photoluminescent markings in emergency exit stairwells by July 1, 2006. If you own or manage a high-rise office building and you have not filed the certification form (LL 26/04-1) with the Department of Buildings, you may be subject to violations and possible fines.
  View Reminder Notice (20 kb-pdf).

Excavation and Trench Safety Guidelines
  Excavation and Trench Safety guidelines (186 kb)