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With the implementation of the New NYC Construction Codes, the Office of Technical Certification and Research (OTCR) has replaced the MEA division. For more information, please visit the OTCR webpage for further information.

Local Law 33/2007 repealed all administrative sections regulating MEA, including sections 27-130, 27-131 and 27-133. Additionally, Local Law33/2007 enacted new administrative sections regulating materials and inspections, including sections 28-113, 28-114 and 28-115. OTCR will implement these mandates.

The Department will continue to recognize previously-issued MEA and BSA product approvals, as per section 28-113.2.6 of the administrative code. Furthermore, previously-issued approvals must comply with all relevant Code sections, Rules, Bulletins and other regulations.

MEA Resolutions (reports of accepted MEA products referenced by MEA Number valid as of July 1, 2008), can be obtained via the published MEA Index and the online MEA Index and MEA Report databases.

The online MEA Index is a partial database of previously issued MEA Resolutions listed by Major Category. A complete set of the published MEA Index through 2003, including listings by MEA Number, Manufacturer and Subject, may be obtained from the New York CityStore.