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Current Reservoir Levels

New York City’s Water Supply System

New York City’s
Water Supply System

December 12, 2018

Total Storage (% of Capacity)
Current: 96.2
Normal: 81.5
Consumption (billion gallons)
12/11/18 0.99
Average Precipitation (inches)
  Actual Historical
October: 4.27 4.16
November: 6.51 3.72
December: 0.43 1.33

Croton System
Capacity: 91.6B gallons
% of Capacity: 99.7

Neversink Reservoir
Capacity: 34.9B gallons
% of Capacity: 100.2

Rondout Reservoir
Capacity: 49.6B gallons
% of Capacity: 96.1

Pepacton Reservoir
Capacity: 140.2B gallons
% of Capacity: 99.3

Schoharie Reservoir
Capacity: 17.6B gallons
% of Capacity: 91.6

Cannonsville Reservoir
Capacity: 95.7B gallons
% of Capacity: 99.3

Ashokan Reservoir
Capacity: 122.9B gallons
% of Capacity: 88.8

For additional near real-time information on surface water conditions in the New York City Watersheds, go to the USGS for New York State.